Our Gallery

  Shri Bhagwanth Khuba ( Member of Parliament,Bidar ) Visited On February 21st,2020
  Shri Subbaiah, Shri Srinivas Prasanna, Shri Hameed ( NLM Team ) Visited On 10 Feb,2020
  Shri Abhinav ( MIS Manager,Jharkhand-SRLM) Visited On 13-03-2020.
  Assam SRLM Familiarization Visit On December 3rd, 2019.
   Shri.Charanjit Singh I.A.S (Joint Secretary(SKILLS),MoRD).
  Shri Vineeth Gupta(Jammu Project Counselor)Visited On 20 Feb,2020
  Diwali Celebrations
  Jharkhand Skill Deed Trainees Our Campus Visited On 26 Oct 2019.
   Shri Sandeep Sharma( Joint Director, MORD, New Delhi ).
   Shri Ram Reddy (State Mission Manager at EGMM) Visited on 20 Sep 2019.
  Shri B.K Tripati ( Vice President, NABCONS ),visited on 28th aug 2019.
  Smt.Nandita Hazarika ( State Mission Director, ASRLMS ).
  Shri Abhijith Singh ( Mision Director,SRLM(Chhattisgarh) )
  Shri Virendra Sharma ( Director Of Rural Skills, MORD )
   Shri Bhagwanth Khuba ( Member of Parliament,Bidar )
  Shri Himansu Sahu ( Monitoring Officer,Chhattisgarh )
  Shishir Kumar Gosh ( Quality Consultant,Jharkhand ) Inspection On 5th Feb 2020.
  Jagruthi ( State Coordinator,J & K ) Inspection On 13th Aug 2019.
  NIRDPR-DDUGKY ( Inspection On 31st July 2019 )
  Special Guests ( Chairman of Audisankara College-Nellore )
  Inspection-Chhattisgarh(Ajith Jaiswal,SRLM) On 25-09-2019.
  Inspection-Bihar On 22-01-2020.
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  F & B Service
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